CLIFTON CANNABIS LAW supports cannabis entrepreneurs with all the legal services needed to start and run a successful cannabis business venture including without limitations trademarks, entity & selection formation, land use, commercial leases, testing requirements, and debt & equity financing. We also have expertise in cannabis co-packing agreements, outsourcing agreements and supply agreements. Our attorneys have assisted startups in all areas of the cannabis industry from seed to sale, and we love what we do.

The legal cannabis marketplace is complex and unpredictable, with regulations varying significantly among cities, counties and states. Clifton Cannabis Law proudly serves cannabis entrepreneurs of California, Oregon & Washington on this journey, and we are committed to offering best-in-class legal representation for our clients. Our practitioners are highly responsive to the needs of your business and will deliver your legal work on time and on budget.

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Cannabis & Hemp Industry Lawyers

Serving California, Oregon and Washington


Specialty areas:

  • Trademarks

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Contracts and IP Licensing

  • OLCC Recreational Licensing

  • Entity Selection and Formation

  • Real Estate Law

  • Land Use Regulation

  • Cannabis Commercial Leases

  • MAUCRSA Adult Use Licensing

  • Stock Option Plans

  • Equity & Debt Financing

  • Compliance with OLCC & MAUCRSA Regulations